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ACA Filing Updates and Extensions 2018

New Health Options Available Involving HRAs

PCORI Fee Final Reminder




IRS Announces Limited Filing Extension for 2017 ACA Reporting

Court Vacates Incentive Provisions of EEOC Wellness Regulations Beginning in 2019

New Tax Law Eliminates Tax Breaks for Several Fringe Benefits

Extended Medical Leave is No Longer a Required Reasonable Accommodation After Expiration of FMLA

How to Handle a Sexual Harassment Complaint

IRS Starts Mailing 'Pay or Play' Penalty Letters

2018 ACA Affordability Rates & Employer Mandate Penalty Amounts

New I-9 Form Must Be Used

Is the Individual Mandate Penalty Still Alive?

PCORI Fee Reminder: July 31 Deadline

1094 and 1095 Filings Q&A

2nd Circuit says Whole Foods no-recording policy is illegal

New SBCs Effective April 1st

Civil Rights Act Now Grants LGBT Protections

Can Employees Video or Record Their Employer?

Wellness Program Incentive Limits - How much is too much?

How to Correct ACA Reporting Errors (Forms 1094 and 1095)

EEOC Enforcement and Litigation Measures Continue To Increase

Sexual Harassment Investigations

Liability Implications Under USERRA

Medicare Reporting to CMS Due

Phishing Email Disguised as Official HIPAA Audit Communication

ADA Wellness Program Reminder

Ready for New I-9s?

Reminder: Transitional Reinsurance Fee Payment Due

A Legal Challenge to the EEOC's Wellness Regulations

HIPAA Notice Reminder

Grab Your Popcorn - Legal Challenges Begin for New Overtime Rules

Will a SPD Posted on Our Company’s Intranet Satisfy ERISA’s Requirements?

10 Myths Surrounding the New Worker Misclassification Guidelines

The Impact of the New OSHA Rules

Medicare Part D Notices Due October 14th

2016 1094-C and 1095-C Forms and Draft Instructions Have Been Released

Is Your Website Accessible For Users With Visual Disabilities? If Not, You Could Get Sued.

5 Goals for Form 5500 Reporting

8 Must Know ACA Compliance Audit Tips

It's Time to Get Filing... PCORI Filing

Individual Employees Can be Sued for FMLA Violations

7 of Your EEOC Notice Questions Answered

EEOC Publishes New Employer Wellness Program Rules

Unemployment Benefits: 3 Acts By Employees That Do Not Constitute Substantial Fault

DOL New Salary Threshold - Do Bonuses Count?

DOL Issues New FMLA Poster and Guide for Employers

So You Think You Are Done With 1095-Cs Until Next January? Think Again…

Up In Smoke: An Employers Guide to Medical Marijuana Laws

EEOC Position Statements Lose Confidentiality

Reduction in Hours & ACA - The Litigation Begins

ACA Notices Here They Come

Employer Opt-Out Payments May Become Obsolete

How to Manage an Employee With a Serious Health Problem

What to do When the DOL Comes to Visit

ACA Tax Considerations for Small Employers

A Victory for Wellness Plans

News Flash: ACA Forms 1094 and 1095 Filing Deadlines Extended

Are You Ready for ACA Reporting?

Congress Delays the Cadillac Tax and Other ACA Fees

The Embedded Out-of-Pocket Maximum is Here for Family Group Health Insurance Coverage

Legal Considerations for Workforce Reductions

Coming Soon: Second Round of HIPAA Audits

Do Employee Handbooks Serve a Purpose?

Is Your Summary Plan Description ERISA Compliant?

ACA Small Group Definition Change Approved