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The DE-RISKING Network brings together high-performing transportation companies to address the hidden risks in their business. 







Where are the hidden risks in your business? 

In a transportation company, risk is ever-present. Many of these risks are obvious - like proper safety procedures and risk management. But there are also many risks that are hidden - in areas like Leadership, Culture, and Operations.

Buying insurance doesn't cover you from these hidden risks.
Companies that don't address the hidden risks fall into the Insurance Dependency Trap.
Companies in the Insurance Dependency Trap:
- Don't have complete control of your business
- Have lower performance than you could have
- Business loses value



The DE-RISKING Network helps companies avoid the Insurance Dependency Trap.

Leaders at high-performing transportation companies recognize that there are hidden risks in their business that they must address. By addressing these risks, not only will they be covered from any adverse effects, but they'll be in a position to grow and prosper.

Companies that DE-RISK their business:
  • Have more control of their business
  • Achieve higher performance
  • Business increases in value

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The Network is founded on the principles of the DE-RISKING System, which focuses on 3 areas of hidden risk.


As a leader, it's your job to drive change and forward progress at your company. Some companies do this really well, while others have a hard time getting big initiatives accomplished. 



Without a strong culture, nothing sticks. We'll focus on building a culture that engages drivers, leaders, and office staff.



Being able to execute is critical. Transportation companies that have their operations, drivers, and dispatchers performing at the highest levels outperform their competition. 





DE-RISKING Workshop 
Together with a DE-RISKING Coach, we'll spend a half day engaging in the DE-RISKING System Workshop to uncover the hidden risks in your business.


Members gather in Milwaukee each summer for the most exciting trucking conference in the country.  Learn More


Learn from the experts
Members learn from the nation's top experts via webinar. Experts like Dan Baker and former US Navy Seals. 




Attend leadership retreats

Members form small cohorts of similar peers and attend role-specific leadership retreats. 




June 7-8: DE-RISKATHON 4 in Milwaukee


One membership fee for your company.

Everything is included. Expert webinars, 1on1 workshops, partnership opportunities, and tickets to all in-person events.



check-mark-2025986_1280 Expert Education

The country's biggest transportation experts, delivered 2X per month via webinar.


check-mark-2025986_1280 DE-RISKATHON

Tickets to the DE-RISKATHON in Milwaukee.


check-mark-2025986_1280 Workshops & Retreats

Half-day workshop with Mike to identify hidden risks (and opportunities), plus annual Safety and Leadership retreats.


check-mark-2025986_1280 DE-RISKING Toolbox

Discounts and insurance options to take advantage of your high performance.


The first step is to learn more about the program through a 20-minute initial conversation. 

   Have an initial conversation