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After over 50 years of local ownership, in 2019 HNI became a partner of a company called Acrisure. It would not surprise us if you haven't heard of them, so let us share some information about who Acrisure is and why we love being partnered with them.

Acrisure is comprised of many independent insurance brokers across the globe that have come together under a single company.

Acrisure is the fastest growing major insurance broker in the world and the sixth largest broker in the country. Acrisure is a firm that grew by 50% in 2021 and is 85% employee owned. 

We joined Acrisure for two main reasons: our clients and our employees. Below we'll share what HNI's partnership with Acrisure means for our clients and our employees.


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In an economy that gets more national (and global) every day, it's important for us to be able to offer the best solutions for our clients no matter where they come from. Acrisure's global network of partners, as well as serious market leverage, ensures that our clients have every possible advantage when we look for insurance and benefits solutions for their business.

However, what's different about HNI is we are still run and managed locally. Which means that our leadership team has full autonomy to make all key decisions. We aren't subject to arbitrary cost cutting measures or bureaucratic management that many large companies have to deal with. We make the best decisions for our clients, period.

Our clients get the best of both worlds: a firm with national market leverage and solutions, but that is still run on a personal and relationship level.


We joined Acrisure for our employees and to make sure HNI would be around for a long time! We realize people get nervous about joining a company that has merged with another. However, this is not your typical merger/acquisition relationship and that is exactly why we joined. Here are a few of our reasons for joining:

  • We continue doing business as HNI Risk Services
  • Our leadership sets and executes our strategy
  • Business decisions are made locally
  • We have access to a breadth of markets and knowledge
  • We have the strength and backing of the 6th largest broker

We also wanted to offer our employees more opportunities for personal growth. Under Acrisure, we are poised for serious growth at HNI. We've made big investments in people, technology, and our partnerships to ensure this next stage of HNI is its best one yet.