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Coming Soon: Gen Z in the Workplace

Roughly 1 in 3 American workers are Millennials. So what's next?

The next wave of employees is Gen Z. In fact, currently there are 23 million Gen Z-ers already in the working world. So what are the characteristics of Gen Z?

OSHA no longer accepting electronic submissions (as of now)

This is the first year that OSHA required direct electronic submission of all record keeping reports that are defined in 29 CFR 1904. The deadline was and still is slated for July 1st 2017 - however, it is greatly anticipated that this deadline will be pushed back again to a later date, if not completely eliminated in its current state.

3 "Old School" Training Videos to Celebrate National Forklift-Safety Day

In honor of National Forklift Safety Day, we've pulled together three 1990s-era safety training videos. What these videos lack in acting quality they more than make up for in practical safety advice.

HNI Announces 7 New Principals

Last week HNI announced the addition of seven new principals – increasing the total number of owners to 22. Although these folks have been long-time employees of HNI, tenure wasn’t what earned them an invitation into the ownership circle.

10 Things Truck Drivers Do That Get Them Pulled Over

In my experience as a state patrol sergeant, the following are driving behaviors or situations that “stood out” from the norm.  Not every violation mentioned below necessarily results in a citation but it will, at a minimum, result in a warning and a reason for a traffic stop. As we are aware, many of the violation warnings will be evaluated in FMCSA’s safety measurement systems.  

Top 10 FAQs about the FSMA

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the first major update of federal food safety laws since 1938. With its implementation on April 6th, 2017 many looming compliance and regulatory questions have come to the table. We've outlined the top 10 questions about this new regulation.

The cost (and likelihood) of a cyber attack

With over 90 million cyber-attacks occurring last year alone, it's no wonder that cyber crime is top of mind for every business owner. Even more surpisingly, 70% of these attacks go unnoticed. 

The Impact of Cyber Crime 

The average cost per data breach has steadily increased since 2012 - hitting $7 million last year. 

State Sergeant Becomes Risk Advisor at HNI

After 27 years on patrol, Sergeant Mark Abrahamson is joining HNI as a Risk Advisor to help transportation companies operate safer.

Mark's time on the road has given him a wealth of knowledge in DOT Compliance, FMCSA rules & regulations, and most importantly how driver behavior impacts safety.

Risk advisor promises to help you hire top talent – or give you $350

HNI is convinced that they can help their clients recruit and hire top people.  

The company announced earlier that they are bringing in the world's leading experts at recruiting and hiring – The Adler Group - for their next HNI University event. 

"The Adler Group has changed the way we look for and evaluate talent", says HNI's CEO Mike Natalizio

14 Days of Distraction-Free Driving

April is national distracted driving awareness month. And while the statistics on this problem are epidemic in magnitude (3,477 fatalities in 2015), the devastating impact of these accidents can only be felt one story at a time.