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Tesla: Trucking's Newest Wicked Problem

Posted by Michael Natalizio on Thu, Jul 21,2016 @ 10:00 AM

The transportation industry is no stranger to wicked problems.  And yesterday Tesla CEO Elon Musk added one more.  Musk announced the second part of his Tesla Master Plan (Master Plan, part deux), where he described Tesla’s ambitious new endeavors - including a plan to build autonomous (self-driving) semi trucks. 

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Top 10 Things About Captive Insurance Companies

Posted by Kyle Pionek on Thu, Jul 21,2016 @ 07:30 AM

Small to mid-sized companies between 50-500 employees have historically found themselves in a difficult situation.  Should they fully insure or self-insure their health plan? If the decision is to fully insure, employers encounter annually increasing premiums. This is due to medical trend, health care reform fees such as the Federal Insurer Fee, and fixed costs which include state premium taxes and built-in profit margin. 

Conversely, if the decision is to move to a self-insured plan, many firms worry about the increased financial risk. Employers with a low specific stop loss deductible will pay high premiums for those lower thresholds.  However, if the deductibles are increased, the potential claims risk also rises. Enter the group health captive.

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What Pokémon GO Can Teach Your Business About Safety

Posted by Kyle Meinert on Tue, Jul 19,2016 @ 07:30 AM

The ability to toggle between the real world and the virtual world is an enticing part of the latest and greatest app, Pokémon GO. Augmented reality is growing in popularity in the world of tech, but it also poses numerous risks to users. Safety has been a major topic of conversation surrounding this new app - cautioning users to be alert when using the app and to also use common sense when in strange areas while on the hunt to catch em' all. But what can Pokémon GO teach your business about safety? More than you may think.

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Brace Yourself: Increasing DOL Fines Are Coming

Posted by Hugh Devlyn on Wed, Jul 13,2016 @ 07:30 AM

The Department of Labor (DOL) has launched a rather aggressive program to test if companies are complying with the Form 5500 and associated audit report requirements in a timely way. For non-compliant companies a fine of up to $2,063 per day is a reality they soon may face. 

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Benefits: To Bundle or Not To Bundle, That is the Question

Posted by Hugh Devlyn on Wed, Jul 06,2016 @ 07:30 AM

Traditional health insurance is costly. Each year, you wage war against the annual cost increases that eat away at your business’s bottom line.  And yet, despite your most valiant efforts, the system always wins.

But there is a way to fight back.  Many small and midsize companies have figured out what the big guys have known for decades - you can beat the system. 

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Choosing a Technology Partner in Transportation

Posted by John Simms on Wed, Jun 29,2016 @ 07:30 AM

To be an early adopter, or to go with the established player? When it comes to choosing a technology partner, this question looms large for many transportation companies. Should we invest in big box technology that has dominated the marketplace for years or should we take a chance on an up-and-comer whose platform is mobile and poised for future enhancements?  

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REMINDER: ACA Electronic Filing Deadline is June 30, 2016

Posted by Mark Brault on Mon, Jun 27,2016 @ 01:07 PM

With the deadline to electronically file ACA information returns with the IRS fast approaching, employers are reminded that failure to comply with the law's information reporting requirements may result in significant penalties. 

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HNI Named One of the Healthiest Employers in America

Posted by Janine Tracy on Fri, Jun 24,2016 @ 07:30 AM

Here at HNI, we think healthy employees make happy employees and we are never afraid to share it. But - we don't just preach the good word, we consistently strive to better the health of our employees through wellness challenges, implementation of ergonomically sound work stations, and also an onsite fitness center free to all employees. All of this hard work has sent a little applause our way. You know what they say, an apple a day brings an award your way, right?

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Employees Nearing 65? Health Savings Accounts and Medicare Enrollment Rules

Posted by Hugh Devlyn on Wed, Jun 22,2016 @ 07:30 AM

HSA accounts follow a new set of rules for employees that enroll in Medicare. If any of your employees are covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), contribute to a HSA, and are looking to enroll in Medicare these rules apply to you. 

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EEOC Increases Fines 150% for Violating Notice Posting Requirements

Posted by Mark Brault on Wed, Jun 15,2016 @ 07:30 AM

Is your company covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the ADA, or GINA? If yes, you may want to pay attention to the recent EEOC announcement regarding the penalty for violating the notice posting requirements under these three laws. If ignored, big fines could be headed your way.

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