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We believe in taking ownership of risk by embracing performance-driven strategies that reduce our clients' dependency on insurance.
We believe that fostering a culture of safety, accountability, and ownership puts control back in your hands - and allows you to take control of your company's destiny.
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Culture drives everything.
Culture is the foundation that safe organizations are built upon. We work with our clients to build an appreciation for safety that goes beyond manuals and procedures.
Data-driven decisions.
Business decisions should be made with the support of data, not just gut feelings.
We use the latest technologies to analyze claims and determine root causes. We also provide our clients with an interactive analytics dashboard so they know where they stand at all times.
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Always getting better.
Businesses today operate in a more complicated environment than ever before, and we believe that ongoing education is essential to staying on top of the maze of wicked problems, government regulations, and emerging industry issues.
HNI University is a series of workshops and webinars that aims to drive change through education. 


The table stakes.

(stuff every good insurance broker does)



Insurance Brokerage

We work with you to craft a compelling story of your business to the insurance markets so you get the favorable rate you deserve.


Analytics & Benchmarking

Knowing where you stand relative to past performance, your goals, and your peers can help drive results.




Risk & Loss Control

The best way to reduce claims is to identify potential hazards before they result in an accident. 


Quick Response Times

We answer the phones, respond to emails, and give you the self-service tools you need to get answers quickly.




Compliance & Regulatory Support

Regulations are continuously changing and increasingly complex. Rest easy knowing you are fully compliant with OSHA, the FMCSA, and everyone in between.


Proactive Claim Mitigation

Working a claim from the very beginning is the key to resolving it before it gets out of control. Our team of attorneys will be involved throughout the process.



Don't take our word for it.


We believe in the power of risk ownership and becoming less dependent on insurance.  



We believe that awesome benefits can be the catalyst to an employer brand that stands out as a great place to work.



We believe that leadership makes or breaks an organization.  Live up to your potential.