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Employee Benefits

There's a movement afoot. HR professionals are no longer just managers of compliance, but are now being charged with building culture and crafting the story about why your work matters. 
We believe that the companies with the best talent will dominate the future - so finding and hiring top people is the top priority for any business
Engaging communication.
Employee benefits can be confusing. We focus on making benefits communications as clear and engaging as possible.
Whether it's a streamlined enrollment process or online decision-support tools, benefits that are well-communicated are better utilized and more appreciated.
Data-driven decisions.
Business decisions should be made with the support of data, not gut feelings.
We use the latest technologies to analyze claims, plan designs, and utilization to make sure you are getting the most out of your benefits spend.
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A great place to work.
The war for talent will only grow more intense, and the need to attract and retain top-shelf talent is imperative for companies to remain relevant.  Employee experience (and benefits) is your ticket to building a great place to work. 


The table stakes.

(stuff every good benefits broker does)



Cost Containment Strategies

The cost of employee benefits is increasing. You need strategies that bend the cost curve.


On-Demand HR Resources

Don't recreate the wheel. On-demand documents and on-call advice when you need it. 




Plan Design & Contribution Modeling

Finding the best plan requires top technology to analyze all aspects of your plan.


Effective Communications

Great benefits are only appreciated and effectively utilized when they are understood. 




ACA and Compliance

Regulations are continuously changing and increasingly complex. Rest easy knowing you are fully compliant.


Analytics & Benchmarking

Stop the guesswork when it comes to what's driving cost increases. Know where you stand relative to your peers.



Don't take our word for it.


We believe in the power of risk ownership and becoming less dependent on insurance.  



We believe that awesome benefits can be the catalyst to an employer brand that stands out as a great place to work.



We believe that leadership makes or breaks an organization.  Live up to your potential.