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Break-Free from profit-killing employee benefits.










Most leaders feel like they don't have control of their health care costs. Annual rate increases erode their profits and the renewal process becomes a miserable experience for their team.

This is the employee benefits experience for most mid-size American companies. But it doesn’t have to be this way.





The health care system wasn't built for you.

Which is why it feels broken.

Primary care facilities serve as a referral engine for more expensive care.
Hospitals and health systems are buying up primary care facilities to get patients into their network early. These facilities then refer patients to hospitals (the most expensive care available). This drives up your costs.


Prescription drug prices are insane.
The cost of prescription drugs is increasing at an unimaginable rate. Even with negotiated contracts and pharmacy benefits managers, hidden costs are costing your employees thousands.


You don't own your data.
It's crazy, but somehow it became the norm that you don't get to have access to your own data. There are so many effective cost containment ideas that companies are implementing, but without data to focus your efforts you're stuck shooting in the dark.


8% cost increases are 'normal'. 
Insurance companies and insurance brokers are claiming that large annual increases are to be expected. They shouldn't be. Leading employers are averaging far less, and saving millions as a result. 






Employer-Focused Components

Employee-Focused Components




Health care can't continue like this.
We wrote a survival guide for employers. Take a sneak peek.
Health care is out of control. For most companies, up to 30% of their spend is being wasted. And their employees often don't even appreciate the benefits they are offered.  
This guide will help you build a strategy to tackle this very difficult problem.
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