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Smoke & Mirrors: How E-Cigs Impact Employee Wellness Programs

Communications Specialist at HNI

With the emergence of e-cigarettes on the market, people have flocked to the smokeless cigarettes with the intention being a "lesser of two evils" alternative for either themselves or loved ones.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

An Open Letter to Our Future Gamechangers

Dear Future HNI Employees,

In spite of the fact that the economy is still recovering, I know that your skills are in high demand. You A-player, gamechanger types have no shortage of options at your disposal...so why should you join our team?

Topics: Leadership / Strategy HR / Employee Benefits

6 Ways to Weed Stress Out of Your Culture

Director of Technology at HNI

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits Leadership / Strategy

Can You Recommend a Gamechanger?

Manager of Talent & Perks at HNI

HNI is in growth mode, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. 

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

EEOC Issues [Somewhat] Clearer Rules for Wellness Programs

Compliance Advisor at HNI

The EEOC recently issued new proposed rules regarding non-discrimination requirements for wellness programs. 

If the proposed rules are adopted, the standards for non-discrimination held by various federal agencies/statutes will be better aligned and there will be opportunities for additional wellness program innovation without the threat of federal penalties. However, there remain areas where compliance requirements are unclear or conflict with one another. 

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

6 Misconceptions In Companies that Offer Domestic Partner Benefits

Communications Specialist at HNI

We're seeing an uptick in companies that offer domestic partner benefits, but this is still fairly new for many organizations.  

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

6 Predictions for the Future of Human Resources

HNI Director of People

Human resources, human capital, talent management... these all could be names for the department that watches over your organization's greatest treasure: your people.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

Why Employers Need to Define Their Organizational Climate and Culture

Some companies have their culture clearly stated and branded throughout their office, social media presence, and printed material. Some companies have a hard time expressing their culture into words and rely on the good ole standby: "We are family-friendly, and our employees are our greatest asset."

Topics: Transportation Construction HR / Employee Benefits Manufacturing

Driving Driver Fitness: 7 Tips for Wellness Program Success

HNI Marketing Director

Truck driver health and wellness is one of the wickedest problems facing the transportation industry today — and it has a staggering impact on health insurance and work comp spend. Consider that:

Topics: Transportation HR / Employee Benefits

Trend: Using a Telemedicine Service to Get Short-Term Disability

HNI Health Systems Consultant

This year's flu strain has been particularly nasty — so nasty, in fact, that it's caused some employees to miss so much work that they could qualify for short-term disability benefits.

Topics: Transportation Construction HR / Employee Benefits Manufacturing