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Kyle Pionek

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Top 10 Things About Captive Insurance Companies

Small to mid-sized companies between 50-500 employees have historically found themselves in a difficult situation.  Should they fully insure or self-insure their health plan? If the decision is to fully insure, employers encounter annually increasing premiums. This is due to medical trend, health care reform fees such as the Federal Insurer Fee, and fixed costs which include state premium taxes and built-in profit margin. 

Conversely, if the decision is to move to a self-insured plan, many firms worry about the increased financial risk. Employers with a low specific stop loss deductible will pay high premiums for those lower thresholds.  However, if the deductibles are increased, the potential claims risk also rises. Enter the group health captive.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

Your Business Travel Policy May Not Cover What You Expect

Between important client meetings, delayed flights, and the hassle of travel the last thing your employees should be worried about is if they are covered when away on company business. Employers often want to provide protection for their employees on work-related trips; however, when determining which business travel policy to purchase, it’s important to look at specifics that identify what is and what is not covered. There are two very different and broad types of group business travel plans and it’s crucial to be able to distinguish between the two. 

Can Employers Reimburse Employees for Health Insurance?

For years, small businesses who did not offer health insurance would often reimburse employees for individual plan premiums, which were often known as non-taxable benefits. Any small business under 50 employees may no longer reimburse employees for medical costs or individual insurance plan premiums. For those who continue to do so, a hefty fine awaits you.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits