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Janine Tracy

Recent Posts by Janine Tracy:

5 takeaways from SHRM's 2017 benefits report

SHRM recently released their 2017 Employee Benefits Survey that examines the prevalence of benefits over the past five years. It tracks trends and helps employers understand the benefits landscape while also providing insight into what other companies are doing with their benefits program. We've pulled out the top statistics employers should pay attention to.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

State Sergeant Becomes Risk Advisor at HNI

After 27 years on patrol, Sergeant Mark Abrahamson is joining HNI as a Risk Advisor to help transportation companies operate safer.

Mark's time on the road has given him a wealth of knowledge in DOT Compliance, FMCSA rules & regulations, and most importantly how driver behavior impacts safety.

The Talent Assessment Problem

Recruiting and hiring top talent is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. And yet we simply aren't good at it.

We aren't good at recognizing when a high performer is sitting right in front of us. And we aren't good at weeding out candidates that sound good but ultimately underperform. 

Topics: Leadership / Strategy HR / Employee Benefits

Intern Climbs Kilimanjaro for Insurance Job

Wouldn't it be nice if it still worked that way? If candidates lined up at your door, willing to go to extraordinary measures for the privilege of working at your company?    
The fact is, our [former] intern did climb Kilimanjaro last week - to officially bid farewell to pre-full-time employment life. But in 2017, the scenario is quite different.
Topics: Leadership / Strategy HR / Employee Benefits

More Employees Quit in 2016 - And Here's Why

When people quit your organization, it can feel like one giant step backwards after many small steps forward. So why are so many people leaving? It could be because they never should've been hired in the first place.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy HR / Employee Benefits

HNI Named One of the Healthiest Employers in America

Here at HNI, we think healthy employees make happy employees and we are never afraid to share it. But - we don't just preach the good word, we consistently strive to better the health of our employees through wellness challenges, implementation of ergonomically sound work stations, and also an onsite fitness center free to all employees. All of this hard work has sent a little applause our way. You know what they say, an apple a day brings an award your way, right?

Are you ERISA Compliant? 3 Deadlines You Can't Afford to Miss

The time is now to get serious about Employee Income Retirement Security Act (ERISA) compliance. If you recently switched health carriers this year or have certain forms to file, you may be at the mercy of impending deadlines. Start planning and completing your 2016 filings to avoid any potential penalties your company could face. 

EPLI Policy Limits: What Level of Risk Should You Take On?

Director of People at HNI 

We recommend employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) for most companies, even those with rock solid HR policies and procedures.  Why?  Because unfortunately, claims brought against your company don’t have to be true to be costly.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

How Leadership and Culture Impact EPLI Risk

Director of People at HNI

There are certainly advanced algorithms and actuarial science that underlie premiums set by underwriters.  But equally important is the “soft side” of risk – the kinds of things that are hard to quantify, such as leadership, brand, and culture.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

Why High Turnover Means High Employment Practices Risk

HNI Director of People

Seeing high turnover in your organization?  While you are likely well aware of the costs involved with recruiting and onboarding a new employee, high turnover may also be exposing you employment practices liability that you may not have coverage for.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits