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Janine Tracy

Recent Posts by Janine Tracy:

Reimagining the Stodgy Old Employee Handbook

Director of People at HNI

Employee handbooks are largely viewed as a necessary evil.  They are a compilation of policies, forms, benefits details, and of course, language to CYA in the event of an employment dispute. 

We painstakingly drag our new hires through these, make them sign off acknowledging they’ve read every word, and then it sits on a shelf gathering dust.

This is a missed opportunity. 

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

Who Needs EPLI Coverage?

Director of People at HNI

6 Predictions for the Future of Human Resources

HNI Director of People

Human resources, human capital, talent management... these all could be names for the department that watches over your organization's greatest treasure: your people.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

Why Employers Need to Define Their Organizational Climate and Culture

Some companies have their culture clearly stated and branded throughout their office, social media presence, and printed material. Some companies have a hard time expressing their culture into words and rely on the good ole standby: "We are family-friendly, and our employees are our greatest asset."

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing HR / Employee Benefits