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HNI Named One of the Healthiest Employers in America

hcia-1.pngHere at HNI, we think healthy employees make happy employees and we are never afraid to share it. But - we don't just preach the good word, we consistently strive to better the health of our employees through wellness challenges, implementation of ergonomically sound work stations, and also an onsite fitness center free to all employees. All of this hard work has sent a little applause our way. You know what they say, an apple a day brings an award your way, right?

HNI is honored to be awarded amongst the Healthiest Employers of the Year via Interactive Health. 154 out of 2,500 companies across the country were awarded for helping their employees make significant and sometimes life-saving changes to improve their health. Among these companies, 39% of employees in a high-risk range moved to a moderate risk or healthy range, while 41% of the participants who started in the moderate risk range moved to a healthy state. 

Other health achievements by the Healthiest Companies in America winners:
• 1 in 4 participants that started in a pre-diabetic range moved to a healthy range.
• More than 80% of participants with elevated blood pressure improved their blood pressure.
• 70% of participants with elevated LDL cholesterol successfully lowered it.

What do we do to stay healthy?

  1. Wellness Programs: We focus our health efforts on a number of areas to keep our valued employees healthy and happy. Our onsite biometric testing for employees and spouses has been a big part of our wellness programs and have helped us uncover new conditions that can be treated before becoming severe conditions.
  2. Quarterly Challenges: These challenges are a way to get employees engaged and educated on finding a variety of ways to live a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Standing Desks: We are taking steps towards a healthier workplace through ergonomically sound work stations. Giving our employees the option to stand throughout the day fights against the many health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.
  4. Onsite Fitness Center: Our employees are encouraged to visit our onsite fitness center throughout the day, free for all employees. 

Health and well-being is a major part of our culture here at HNI. We are so very honored to be recognized for our hard work as a team. Our congratulations to all 153 companies around the nation!