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The Talent Assessment Problem

Recruiting and hiring top talent is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. And yet we simply aren't good at it.

We aren't good at recognizing when a high performer is sitting right in front of us. And we aren't good at weeding out candidates that sound good but ultimately underperform. 

We use resumes to judge people on their favorite sports, where they grew up, or their mastery of skills that can easily be taught. We use handshakes as a proxy for composure and power. And we use interviews to gauge charisma and 'cultural fit'.  

We do all of these things in spite of the fact that these easy-to-measure skills aren't nearly as important as the skills that matter.  

Choosing to make a change is uncomfortable - it's scary. The illusion that you are leaving established territory for the unknown is a feeling that hovers over every decision we make. 

In reality, you will be choosing to exchange a talent assessment process that isn't working for one that has proven its merits at some of America's most respected companies. And that is a choice that any good leader will support.

Join us in May for a one-day workshop with The Adler Group to learn how to use performance-based hiring to sign talent rockstars. 

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*adapted from Seth Godin's blog. 

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