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Intern Climbs Kilimanjaro for Insurance Job

Wouldn't it be nice if it still worked that way? If candidates lined up at your door, willing to go to extraordinary measures for the privilege of working at your company?  
 Kilimanjaro Summit.png
The fact is, our [former] intern did climb Kilimanjaro last week - to officially bid farewell to pre-full-time employment life. But in 2017, the scenario is quite different.

10 or 20 years ago, employers were able to put hungry job candidates through excruciating interviews to judge their wit and test their dedication. 
But that's no longer the world we live in. The fact is, the position of power is no longer the employer. In today's world, the candidates are often the ones asking the questions.
Growth opportunities? Check. 
Collaborative culture? Check. 
Unlimited PTO? Check. 
Absurd 401k match? Check. 
Profit sharing? Check. 
Standing desks? Check. 
Ping pong? Check.
3 week vacation to climb a mountain? Check.
Today, showering potential employees with perks and benefits seems to be part of the job for HR professionals. So how do you balance this with a vetting process that ensures you are hiring top performers?
Join us for an HNI University workshop with The Adler Group on May 9th in Milwaukee or May 11th in Grand Rapids. You'll learn how to recruit and hire top performers without breaking the bank. 
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Topics: Leadership / Strategy HR / Employee Benefits