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Writing a Love Letter to Talent [& Why We Have Weird Job Postings]

Manager of Talent & Perks at HNI 

We’ll own up to it: our job postings are kind of strange. Check out our careers page, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

We get questions and comments from applicants all the time on this. Some positive… some a little bewildered.

So for the record, we wanted to clarify why we take this approach, and why we recommend to our clients that they do the same.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

The Art of the Pitch: Making a Business Case to Get Buy-In for a New Project

Marketing Director at HNI

“Change the Game" is our tagline and woven into our DNA – and the people that we typically engage with play the role of change agents in their organizations.  They thrive on new ideas and want to pursue projects to make the company better. 

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

An Open Letter to Our Future Gamechangers

Dear Future HNI Employees,

In spite of the fact that the economy is still recovering, I know that your skills are in high demand. You A-player, gamechanger types have no shortage of options at your disposal...so why should you join our team?

Topics: Leadership / Strategy HR / Employee Benefits

3 Things Your People Need to Know About Safety

Relationship Manager at HNI

You’ve probably been hearing the phrase “start with why” a lot lately in the business world. It comes from a book and TED talk of the same name by Simon Sinek. The idea is that your organization can’t reach its full potential unless everyone understands the reasons behind what you do — and buys into them.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy Safety / Compliance

Recruiting Drivers: Why Your Brand Matters

Relationship Manager at HNI

In the ever-competitive world of attracting good drivers, it is getting harder and harder to stand out amongst a crowd of competitors.

Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy

6 Ways to Weed Stress Out of Your Culture

Director of Technology at HNI

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits Leadership / Strategy

Is the Beloved Company Picnic Exposing You to Risk?

Senior Claims Consultant at HNI

The sun is shining, the birds are signing, and Memorial Day is around the corner – finally!  After a long winter, it’s no surprise that many companies are ready to celebrate with a picnic or some other corporate shindig.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

leading in[tension]ally


Tension is an unavoidable part of change. If you have a direction, you know where you want to be, and you’re poised to execute - anxiety will almost inevitably ensue.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

Reimagining the Stodgy Old Employee Handbook

Director of People at HNI

Employee handbooks are largely viewed as a necessary evil.  They are a compilation of policies, forms, benefits details, and of course, language to CYA in the event of an employment dispute. 

We painstakingly drag our new hires through these, make them sign off acknowledging they’ve read every word, and then it sits on a shelf gathering dust.

This is a missed opportunity. 

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

WE ARE ALL DUMB [at first].


Topics: Leadership / Strategy