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Michael Natalizio

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The State of Self-Driving Trucks

Self-driving vehicles may feel like something that will only be available in the distant future, but autonomous technology is already having an impact on the transportation industry. Many motor carriers are promoting new equipment to attract tech-savvy drivers, and advanced safety sensors are helping decrease accidents on the road.

Over 30 automakers and technology companies are working to make trucks fully autonomous, and many states have already passed self-driving legislation that allows for testing on public roads. But, even though this technology offers motor carriers a way to increase efficiency and improve safety, there are a number of topics your business needs to consider before adopting self-driving trucks.

Topics: Transportation

Top 3 of 2017 (in case you missed it)

Top 3 Blogs of 2017
#1: 10 Things Truck Drivers Do That Get Them  Pulled Over  
A former state patrol sergeant shares the driving behaviors that "stood out" from the norm.
#2: Fully Insured vs Captive vs High Deductible: An Honest Comparison
The pros and cons of full insurance, captives, and high deductibles.
#3: Why Do Good Drivers Quit?
The real reasons your top drivers are quitting your company.

Top 3 Videos of 2017

#1: How To Turnaround Your Safety Performance
How to build a culture of accountability that quantifiably improves performance.
#2: Paper Transport's Story: Uncompromising Cult ure
Paper Transport's culture of safety has allowed them to take more ownership of their risk.
#3: Pleune's Story: 80% Fewer Injuries
By focusing on culture, Pleune reduced injuries by 80% and has sustained this performance for five consecutive years.

How to fix employee benefits (ideas from the peanut gallery)

pea·nut gal·ler·y
ˈpēnət ˈɡal(ə)rē/
a group of people who criticize something, often by focusing on insignificant details.

It’s easy to criticize from the sideline. And employee benefits provides a lot of fodder for complaints directed at HR folks.

Why do peanut gallery comments hurt so much? 

Peanut-gallery-style commentary isn’t just unpleasant to receive, but it’s also unhelpful.

As stated above, the peanut gallery is defined as people who focus on insignificant details. And this is what makes it so frustrating.

Topics: HR / Employee Benefits

Top 5 Blogs of 2016

As we wave goodbye to 2016 and welcome a new year filled with new possibilities, resolutions, and excitement let's take a look back at our top blogs of 2016.

Tesla: Trucking's Newest Wicked Problem

The transportation industry is no stranger to wicked problems.  And yesterday Tesla CEO Elon Musk added one more.  Musk announced the second part of his Tesla Master Plan (Master Plan, part deux), where he described Tesla’s ambitious new endeavors - including a plan to build autonomous (self-driving) semi trucks. 

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

4 Keys to Maximizing Driver Performance: The Transportation DART

Drivers are the heart of the trucking industry – so finding ways to attract them, keep them, and coach them into top performers is essential. 

Topics: Transportation

Leading vs Lagging Indicators: Using Data to Predict [& Shape] The Future

Business Analytics at HNI

Being results-driven is an inarguable objective for 21st century business leaders.  By distilling an organization’s efforts into a few key measures of success, leaders can bring clarity to the otherwise ambiguous.  

Topics: Transportation

Trucking Safety Program Ideas:
Let Your Calendar & Data Do the Design

Business Analytics Advisor at HNI

Data can be a gamechanger in the trucking industry.  Our systems gather all kinds of information – speed, idle time, fuel efficiency, claims and losses, citations, and more. 

Topics: Transportation Safety / Compliance