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Top 3 of 2017 (in case you missed it)

Top 3 Blogs of 2017
#1: 10 Things Truck Drivers Do That Get Them Pulled Over 
A former state patrol sergeant shares the driving behaviors that "stood out" from the norm.
#2: Fully Insured vs Captive vs High Deductible: An Honest Comparison
The pros and cons of full insurance, captives, and high deductibles.
#3: Why Do Good Drivers Quit?
The real reasons your top drivers are quitting your company.

Top 3 Videos of 2017

#1: How To Turnaround Your Safety Performance
How to build a culture of accountability that quantifiably improves performance.
#2: Paper Transport's Story: Uncompromising Culture
Paper Transport's culture of safety has allowed them to take more ownership of their risk.
Pleune Story.png
#3: Pleune's Story: 80% Fewer Injuries
By focusing on culture, Pleune reduced injuries by 80% and has sustained this performance for five consecutive years.