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Tracy Haight

Account Associate, Michigan Office

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI?WvtCgXZbVrNGwHwqhKClQnqNSLcD79Sx

I was very impressed with the leadership and culture at HNI.  It is much different than the traditional insurance agency.  I also love the HNI dedication to staying on the cutting edge of technology and commitment to their employees' success.

Scott Bachhuber

Account Executive (Benefits), Wisconsin Office

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI?Scott

I wanted to work for an agency that was unique from all the others out there. Over my career, I have had the opportunity to work with or for most of the top agencies in WI and HNI always stuck out. HNI does not view themselves as a broker first they view themselves as risk advisors first and insurance brokers second. This is why I came to HNI and this is why HNI is completely different than all other agencies in Wisconsin today.

Dean Roberts

Account Associate, Michigan Office

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI? 

The team-oriented work style and the way co-workers interact with each other. When looking for my first job the culture of the company was something I put a big focus on. I made it my priority to find a company that fit my desired culture and HNI fit perfectly. 

What were you most surprised to learn about HNI?Roberts, Dean

I was surprised by how organized the training was. Three days before my first day I had already gotten a schedule for my first including who I would be mentoring and what I would be doing for different times of the day. I had not worked at a company that was that organized and invested in my learning and development. 

Amber Maki

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI?

Having worked on both the carrier and agency side of insurance, I had become accustomed to the traditional insurance cycle many companies roll forward with. What attracted me most to HNI was the LiveIT culture the company encourages. HNI allows and encourages employees to think outside the box to deliver the very best to our clients.   

Ben Pitzl

Relationship Manager, Employee Benefits

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI? 

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The people I met early in the process along with the HNI story they shared. Additionally, I feel HNI is as excited about me joining the team as I am.

Kelly Brady

Account Executive, Employee Benefits

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI? 

Kelly Brady

I was inspired by how forward thinking and proactive HNI is with their clients and also with their employees.  I was very comfortable at my previous employer.  However, from the moment I was introduced to HNI by Jennifer, I knew this is where I wanted to be.  HNI inspires clients and employees to think outside the box and that anything is possible, and there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  I was also inspired on how HNI works with clients to develop a long term partnership in all areas of their business so we can work together to improve the client and those they serve. 

Kurt Rich

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI?

Kurt Rich

As my career advances, two factors are extremely import to me: culture and having a positive impact on the community we serve.   HNI has an incredibly strong culture of being game changers, and treating everyone with unparalleled professionalism.  The culture at HNI is based on having the courage to make bold moves that protect the integrity of our clients’ brand while advancing their overall performance.  Through their strong culture and focus on putting the client first, HNI has continued to drive results and make an impact for their clients and the community as a whole.

Levi Steffen

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI?Levi Steffen 

When the opportunity to work at HNI emerged, I was thrilled!  I didn’t ask for the position, but I was told that the benefits department could really use some help during what wecall “4th quarter madness”.  I jumped at the opportunity.  I believe HNI is a company that brings forward many amazing opportunities to individuals that are locked and loaded with ambition and a deep determination to work hard and prove their value.  This is what Inspired me to work here at HNI.

Eric Hannah

Welcome Eric Hannah - HNI Michigan’s newest Risk Advisor/Relationship Manager. Eric joins HNI with 15 years of healthcare administration and medical practice management experience. Healthcare is in a transformational period, and Eric looks forward to sharing his strategies with healthcare organizations to help them successfully navigate these changes and pressures.Eric Hannah

What inspired you to make a career move to HNI?

I was very familiar with HNI as a client in a prior role. In that role, I (naively) assumed the HNI level of service was the norm. When I changed to other subsequent roles, I realized this was not only not the norm, but was a stark contrast. It was clear how HNI’s commitment to de-risking is exceptional.

Bob Orzech

Orzech, Bob-1.jpgWelcome Bob Orzech - HNI Wisconsin's newest Relationship Manager. Growing up in a family-run distribution business has inspired Bob to dive into the role of a trusted advisor for alike businesses and make a difference in their organizations.