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Why Employers Need to Define Their Organizational Climate and Culture

Some companies have their culture clearly stated and branded throughout their office, social media presence, and printed material. Some companies have a hard time expressing their culture into words and rely on the good ole standby: "We are family-friendly, and our employees are our greatest asset."

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing HR / Employee Benefits

Freezing Credit: Advising Affected Employees After the Anthem Breach

HNI Compliance Advisor

The personal information of millions was compromised by the recent privacy attack on insurance carrier Anthem. Anthem has created a website dedicated to providing information about the cyber attack; click here to check out AnthemFacts.com.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

Auditing a Workplace Safety Manual: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

HNI Risk Advisor

When I take on new health and safety advisory clients, one of my first tasks is auditing their workplace safety manual.

Topics: Construction Transportation Safety / Compliance Manufacturing

Trend: Using a Telemedicine Service to Get Short-Term Disability

HNI Health Systems Consultant

This year's flu strain has been particularly nasty — so nasty, in fact, that it's caused some employees to miss so much work that they could qualify for short-term disability benefits.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing HR / Employee Benefits

15 Big Ideas for '15: Predictions and New Directions

CHAD TISONIKHNI Wisconsin President,
and JANINE TRACY, HNI Director of People

There's something about turning the page on the calendar that fills your head and heart with new possibilities for the new year.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

ACA Employer Reporting Requirements for 6055 & 6056: Finalized Forms Released

HNI Compliance Advisor

The final versions of the forms and instructions for ACA employer reporting requirements now are available.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing HR / Employee Benefits

Why Many Leaders Struggle with Sharing a Corporate Strategy

HNI Minnesota President

It's the season for putting the finishing touches on strategic plans and annual budgets. In one of our recent blog posts, we made a case for sharing your corporate strategy with your employees and how to do it. Like many things, the theory is easy — but actually putting it into practice in your organization is tough stuff.

Topics: Construction Transportation Leadership / Strategy Manufacturing

6 Things to Consider If You Think Your Personal Brand Doesn't Matter

HNI Marketing Director

Personal brand has been a hot buzz word in business as of late. But it's kind of a lofty, fluffy concept. When you hear the phrase, your mind might jump to one of many public figures in business who seems to live in front of a camera — such as Sir Richard Branson of Virgin or Oprah Winfrey of, well, Oprah's media empire.

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6 Steps to Prep for 6055 & 6056 ACA Employer Reporting Requirements

HNI Compliance Advisor

The IRC Section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act, are putting employers' data-management skills to the test.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing HR / Employee Benefits

Ideas Worth Stealing in 2014 — and a Call for Blog Post Ideas

HNI Marketing Coordinator

To jump-start the blog for the new year, we wanted to take a look back — reviewing the wicked problems at the top of your mind in 2014. (Hey, it’s still January and still a new year. Where did this month go, anyway?)

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