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Be a more demanding health care consumer

Account Executive, HNI

Health care is too expensive.  But what can you do as an individual?  While you aren’t going to be able to talk your way out of your premiums, you CAN start taking more control of your costs. 

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Feed the Tigers: Engaging your Top Performers

CEO, Sitkins International

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Construction Sees Increased Numbers of Women

The number of women entering the construction industry has grown, according to National Association of Women in Construction. No longer the preserve of men, the construction industry is seeing many women play vital roles in construction projects across the country.

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Employee Benefits Drive Employee Engagement

Most business are driven by the fantastic products or services delivered to the market. Much of the time spent is ensuring the deliverables are representative of the company, to prove it’s worth and success. This is how people judge the value of the company and become customers for life. 

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A CLEAR opportunity: Recycle old carpet materials

HNI is proud to see our client's business featured in the news. CLEAR has changed the game and turned an environmental problem into an opportunity. 

We all know tires are an environmental nuisance in landfills, but most people don't know that carpets are also an environmental nuisance.

$5 Million Settlement Due To a Company Driver on his Cell Phone

Can your company afford an insurance claim of this caliber?
If your dispatch center or customer service representative is speaking to one of your drivers, they should be instructed to tell the driver to hang up and call back when the vehicle is pulled over. 

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Making Construction Safer with a Zero-Accident Vision

Preventing accidents at construction sites is feasible, but only if a construction company is prepared to adopt a zero-accident vision/culture. Fostering a zero-accident culture is based on the premise that all accidents are preventable through continuous construction safety improvements and practices.

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When will the Invisible Hard Market become visible?

Taking Control: The Seven Steps to Surviving Any Market

The insurance industry has predicted that another hard market is on its way. For businesses this translates into higher insurance prices, lower coverage availability and constricted renewal conditions.  But many have called this an “Invisible Hard Market” as signs of a firming market are far and few between.  The question remains, how long will this extended soft market continue?

To be sure, the first companies to feel the impact of a hardening market are those that are not performing from a loss ratio perspective.  As underwriters begin to tighten their standards and pricing these companies will be the target of price increases or non-renewal.   Conversely, those that are delivering loss ratios below the industry can prolong or even avoid the wrath of a hard market.  No matter the market conditions, it is wise to go back to the basics to ensure you have a competitive edge in the marketplace. 


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Healthcare Outlook for 2011: Prescription Drugs

There’s been a lot of up and down around healthcare in the past year.  2011 doesn’t look any quieter.  Or maybe it will for some companies.  Approximately $25 billion worth of drugs are said to lose their patents in the coming year along with some very familiar household names such as Pfizer, Bristol-Myers, Lily’s and J&J losing over 93 million in familiar prescription names. This probably comes as no surprise considering the cost-saving efforts began from our declining economy in 2008. 

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Celebrate 100 years of Workers’ Compensation!

Post Loss Specialist, HNI 

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