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Celebrate 100 years of Workers’ Compensation!

Post Loss Specialist, HNI 

Did you know that workers’ compensation law got its start here in the Dairyland? May 3, 1911 Wisconsin became the first state to put a workers’ compensation law in place. That was nearly 100 years ago, looks like it is time to plan a centennial celebration!

The first workers’ compensation law was put in place to recognize society’s responsibility in the workplace which was the first form of social insurance in American History! 

That is precisely what the bi-partisan Workers Compensation Centennial Commission is doing. The WCCC is currently reaching out to state workers’ compensation officials to encourage them to join in the celebration. The WCCC website has some great historical information including a video history of workers’ compensation created by Nimitiz High in Houston Texas for the 2008 National History Day.

Put your dancing shoes on and keep your eyes open for celebrations sponsored by the WCCC in 2011!

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