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A CLEAR opportunity: Recycle old carpet materials

HNI is proud to see our client's business featured in the news. CLEAR has changed the game and turned an environmental problem into an opportunity. 

We all know tires are an environmental nuisance in landfills, but most people don't know that carpets are also an environmental nuisance.

1.8 million tons of it goes into landfills across the country each year. Kerns Carpet One Owner Bill Kerns says, "Carpeting is not biodegradable, and we pull out so much carpeting weekly, daily, monthly. Obviously we're looking for a way to preserve the environment for future generations."

That's why Kerns' carpeting business is sending his discarded carpeting to Carpet Landfill Elimination and Recycling(CLEAR).

The Milwaukee company is now gathering carpet as it waits for its fiber shredding machine from England.

CLEAR Vice President Jeff Sharp says 25-30 carpet stores have already signed up to dispose of their carpet with CLEAR. It may become the only company in the state to transport, process, and sell the recycled carpeting material. The company plans to hire 15 employees for the start up venture.