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Britta Wagner

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In Wisconsin, Termination Leads to Terminated Worker's Comp Benefits

hunger-413685_640.jpgIn Wisconsin, "Terminated for Cause", can now terminate temporary benefits too. Act 180 has amended the Worker's Compensation law to allow employers and insurance carriers to deny indemnity benefits when a termination occurs for misconduct or substantial fault while in the healing period of a Worker's Comp injury.

Wisconsin Employers: New Laws Call for Updated Drug & Alcohol Policies

Act 180 went into effect early March 2016 and brought forth many employer friendly changes to Wisconsin. One of the major changes speaks to terminating certain worker's compensation benefits when an employee violates their employer's drug and alcohol policy. But this change isn't as clear-cut as it may seem.

Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Law Braces for Winds of Change

Assembly Bill 724 was signed by Governor Walker of Wisconsin on February 29, 2016. This bill passed several amendments to the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act and has an effective date of March 2, 2016.

To provide clarity on each of the relevant changes and how they may impact you, below is a plain language explanation.

A Privacy Breach from Your Employees' Perspective


The Costs of Obesity: How to Battle this Wicked Problem

Claims Assistant at HNI

From a risk management perspective, obesity is one little word that wrecks a whole lot of havoc for a company. Some tend to think about this as an issue for employee benefits professionals - but the impact reaches much further than just health insurance expenses. This disease can permeate a business culture, drive claim costs up, and ultimately decrease a business’s profit margin. 

Topics: Safety / Compliance

4 Social Media Tips for Claims Handling You Can't Ignore

HNI Claims Assistant

The business world still is adjusting to social media and the many ways it's changed the way we do business.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

Top 3 Lessons from Social Media and Claims Webinar

HNI Claims Assistant 

In today's world of smartphones and Internet technology, for most people there's not a day that goes by without liking a friend's vacation pictures on Facebook, sharing an article with your professional network on LinkedIn, or retweeting a wisecrack from your favorite actor on Twitter. Social media is everywhere, and it's becoming an especially powerful tool in litigation.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing