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Chris Tanke

Chris Tanke

Recent Posts by Chris Tanke:

What Is Risk Mitigation and Are You Doing It Right?

We’re all pretty familiar with Murphy’s Law: something that can go wrong will go wrong. Right? Well, maybe not everything will go wrong in life, but there are certainly elements of risk with most things in business. Every company will have risks that could affect business somehow. Something could go wrong, and there could be problems—sometimes really big problems—from it.

Topics: Construction Transportation Safety / Compliance Manufacturing

Experienced drivers pose a serious risk

With an industry-wide turnover rate of 100%, we often attribute crashes to our road rookies. But, what about our drivers who have been with us for the long haul? You may think "He's been around for over 20 years - just leave him be and let him drive." You're wrong.

Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy

Fully Insured vs Captive vs High Deductible: An Honest Comparison

We hear it all the time from business owners: "We are paying too much for insurance. There's gotta be a better way." 

And our industry responds: "Have you heard about captives?"

Too often, insurance brokers confuse the financial instrument with the strategy. 

The reality is that these tools alone will not solve the problem of high insurance costs. To clear the air, though, we thought we'd share the pros and cons of 3 insurance products, each with different levels of risk ownership: full insurance, captives, and high deductibles.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

FMCSA Compliance Doesn't Equal Safety Performance

In some trucking companies, the words safety and compliance are used interchangeably. The line that divides these two areas has been further blurred as focus has been placed on CSA numbers by federal regulators - but, don't be fooled by simply complying with the FMCSA to boost your safety performance. 



Topics: Transportation Safety / Compliance

5 Predictions for Trucking Risk in 2016

2015 was a solid year for most truckers, yet it was anything but easy.  Looking forward to 2016, uncertainty looms large when it comes to the future of our industry. As risk advisors, we look at 3 types of risk when assessing what's likely to happen in 2016.  

Hazard Risk: insurance-related perils that could result in a loss today

Business Risk: non-insurance risk that could affect your business today

Strategic Risk: long-term risk factors 

With these 3 types of risk in mind, here are 5 predictions for trucking risk in 2016.

FMCSA Compliance Does Not Equal Safety


Some trucking companies use the words safety and compliance interchangeably, as the line between them seems to have been blurred by federal regulators placing a great deal of focus on CSA numbers. Indeed, both are important, but they are definitely not the same. 

Who Has Your Blind Side When it Comes to Business Risk?

Relationship Manager

If you’re a football fan, you know that the role of the left tackle is to protect the QB from the pass rushers coming in from his blind side.  Typically the defense positions their most dangerous pass rushers on the blind side of the Quarterback to maximize the potential for an impact play (sack, fumble, or interception).  Thus, while the left tackle most likely will never pass, run, or throw the ball, he is one of the most important offensive players on the field. 

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

Could BMI Be the Best New Risk Identification Metric for Truck Drivers?

Relationship Manager at HNI 

In the world of risk management, we are always looking for those metrics that serve as leading indicators for predicting and preventing that next loss from happening. 

Topics: Transportation

Personal Branding Strategy: 7 Tips to Be Purposeful About the Impression You Make

Relationship Manager at HNI

Your personal brand is more than just a buzzword – it’s something all leaders should be thinking about.

7 Tips to Building a Strong Organizational Culture in the Transportation Industry

CHRIS TANKE, Relationship Manager
& BRIAN KAMINSKI, Account Executive at HNI

Strong organizational culture is an asset to be leveraged for the long haul.

Topics: Safety / Compliance