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Succession Planning: A Preview of our Upcoming Workshop

If you're a business leader, it may seem impossible to imagine your last day driving the operations of your company. But if a big change took place tomorrow, would you be prepared?  How would your company respond if something happened and you couldn't show up?  Can your company survive without YOU?

Hear our CEO Mike and the event speaker, Cathy Durham, talk a little more about why you need to know the importance of succession planning for your business:

Succession Planning & Business Valuation Preview

Other topics that will be covered include:

  • Introduction to Business Valuation
  • Determing if your business is transferrable (and what to do if it's not)
  • Identifying a successor
  • Finding external strategic buyers
  • Common misconceptions with buy/sell agreements
  • The planning process: why each plan is unique

Get your succession plan ready...before you actually need it! Watch the video recap of our event to get some of your questions answered.


Topics: Transportation Construction Manufacturing Leadership / Strategy