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Jill Witting

Recent Posts by Jill Witting:

The Undeniable Need for Effective Mentors

Retaining top talent is one of HR's top wicked problems.

Roughly 55% of millennials are disengaged in their work, and this is causing them to move from job to job at a much faster rate than previous generations. In other words, you're losing your talent before you've unlocked their true value.

But what actions have you taken to combat this? Perhaps mentoring may be the hidden key to employee retention.

Topics: Leadership / Strategy

How to Spot Risk Management Advisors Worth Trusting

HNI Vice President and Relationship Manager

It's a cold, hard truth that when it comes to buying businesses insurance, lots of organizations view the process as little more than looking over the cost of a commodity.

Topics: Construction Transportation Leadership / Strategy Manufacturing

Risk Control: Should You Own or Rent Your Risk?

Vice President and Relationship Manager

We live and breathe all-things risk here at HNI, and when it comes to risk control, a concept we like to explore with clients and prospects is owning vs. renting your risk.

Topics: Construction Transportation Leadership / Strategy Manufacturing

Why You Can't Go Without Catastrophic Coverage

Vice President and Relationship Manager

Does your current policy have catastrophic location coverage, or do you pay a deductible for each piece of equipment? This is an important question for firms that have equipment (such as tractors and trailers) spread across many locations.

Topics: Construction Transportation Manufacturing

Is Your Team Ready to Take the Field?

HNI Vice President and Relationship Manager

It takes an entire team to win the game – are you ready to take the field?  As a baseball fan, I can’t help but make an analogy about my line of work to America’s favorite pastime.  So who’s on your team?

Topics: Transportation Leadership / Strategy Manufacturing HR / Employee Benefits