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Most HR departments are bogged down with sticky compliance issues and an endless river of mindless employee requests. These activities overwhelm and limit your ability to focus on your most important initiatives, like building an engaged workforce and hiring top performers.   

In today's world you need to be fast, confident and nimble, which is exactly why we are arming you with the reinforcements you need to power up your HR department.

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Managing Compliance.

Managing compliance is one of the dreaded responsibilities of HR professionals. This tool provides you with an extensive library of resources that can be referenced and repurposed.
An example of such a document can be viewed here: ACA Checklist for Small Employers 

Delivering Training.

Creating, delivering, and tracking employee training can be a huge burden. This tool streamlines the entire process. 
ThinkHR offers over 200 pre-loaded courses (you can view the course catalog here). 
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On-Call Support.

It's always nice to have someone to talk to.
With this tool, you can chat or call an HR expert whenever you need a second opinion or some additional advice.




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We believe in the power of risk ownership and becoming less dependent on insurance.  



We believe that awesome benefits can be the catalyst to an employer brand that stands out as a great place to work.



We believe that leadership makes or breaks an organization.  Live up to your potential.