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What Pokémon GO Can Teach Your Business About Safety

10561169_julian-chokkattu-talks-pokemon-go-safety_4f5e98ed_m.jpgThe ability to toggle between the real world and the virtual world is an enticing part of the latest and greatest app, Pokémon GO. Augmented reality is growing in popularity in the world of tech, but it also poses numerous risks to users. Safety has been a major topic of conversation surrounding this new app - cautioning users to be alert when using the app and to also use common sense when in strange areas while on the hunt to catch em' all. But what can Pokémon GO teach your business about safety? More than you may think.

As many of you have noticed, Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm getting app users off the couch and into the virtual world of Pokémon. Swarms of people are getting together to stare at their phones and catch the next rare Pokémon, but many have found themselves at an increased risk of robberies, injuries, and even data security. What you might not realize is just how much these cautionary tales apply to your business. Here are six helpful reminders to ensure safety is a top goal for your organization. 

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

App users can attest to being aware of your surroundings when out on the hunt. Numerous Pokémon fanatics have had small accidents to a few major ones. When it comes to your business, make sure your workers are always on the alert for anything that could pose a threat to their safety. Point out the hazards in your job or workplace so workers are well aware of what to steer clear of. 

2. Report Unsafe Conditions

Users have fallen victim to many robberies of individuals lurking at "PokéStops". Take after app users and report immediately any unsafe conditions to supervisors or other employees who may not be aware of the hazard.

3. Use Correct Posture 

"Text Neck" is something that prowls on many avid cell phone users. With the apps popularity soaring, many users are straining their necks by looking downwards at their phones for extended periods of time. Much like in an office setting, correct posture can make all the difference in your employees' health. If your employees' days are spent lifting heavy objects, make sure they are informed on the correct ways to pick up heavy items. Also, advise them when it is time to include a machine to do the heavy lifting for them (but make sure users are trained to operate the equipment correctly). For your office workers, invest in ergonomically designed furniture or even standing work stations.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Taking a break from screen time is always beneficial for smart phone users. As with workers, so many work-related injuries occur because a worker is tired, burned out, and not alert to their surroundings. Taking regular breaks keeps your workers fresh and on top of their game. 

5. Protect Your Eyes

Numerous studies have shown the over usage of cell phones is linked to eye problems. Take caution from avid Pokémon GO users and protect your peepers. Make sure workers are wearing the correct safety equipment for whichever task is being performed. Earplugs, earmuffs, hard hats, safety googles, gloves, or even a full-face mask will dramatically reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

6. Keep Your Data Secure

What Makes Pokémon GO so exciting for users is the slim divide between virtual reality and the real world. When first downloading the app, you are prompted to sign in using your Google Account. The apps location and mapping capabilities have opened up a slew of questions regarding player safety. Your business is constantly being prompted into the next technological craze, but before jumping on the bandwagon you must ask yourself if these new features are worth the risk. Always protect your data when in cyberspace and don't give away your information without thinking twice.

Pokémon GO is our first taste of futuristic augmented-reality technology and will continue to grow in the world of tech. Use this growing field to hone in on your safety standards and make sure your employees have a safe and healthy workplace. 


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