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What is a strategy?

It's the most overused word in business. 

Everyone claims to have one, and every salesperson has one to sell you. Yet for every 100 'strategies' created, you'd be lucky to find a single one that has been executed all the way to the finish line. 

Strategy has lost its meaning. But it is more important than ever. In a world that tempts you with short-term fixes, it's the only thing that can guarantee long-term progress. 

A true strategy provides clarity about the mission. And it reinforces that, amidst the struggle and hard work, you are on the right path. It prevents you from quitting, looking for shortcuts, and failing.

We've seen the difference that strategy makes firsthand. 

In the insurance business, there are always new products and approaches. But the tools are not the strategy. And confusing them for such only puts false hope into a tool that won’t ensure your long-term success.

Over the years, we’ve had a ring-side seat to watch our clients De-Risk their businesses and put real strategies in place to drive change. As you listen to these business leaders, you will find some common threads across their successes:

  1. CLARITY: Leading companies focus on gaining clarity about where the business is today, where they want to go, and the obstacles that stand in the way. In doing so, the leadership team gets aligned.
  2. SWARM TEAM: Once the team has clarity on the mission, leading companies get specific about the obstacles that threaten to halt their progress. These obstacles are the REAL reason companies stagnate, so leading companies build strategies to overcome them.
  3. PROGRESS: Driving change is tough work. And it's a job that never ends. Leading companies track their progress at every step of the way to build confidence and feed their ego. With goals and metrics to make sure they are on track, the entire organization is able to follow along and share in the success.

We are inspired every day by our clients, and we think this video montage can inspire you as well. 

Topics: Leadership / Strategy