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Trucking: An Industry of Unsung Heroes

Relationship Manager at HNI

I love working with trucking companies. The men and women in this industry are truly incredible -- and although many members of the general public don’t realize it, without trucking, business in this country would come to a screeching halt.  

The folks in the industry are proud of what they do, but exude such humility in the way they go about doing it. We don’t think about trucking when we eat a strawberry in the dead of winter, or thank the owner operator when we have supplies we need on a daily basis.  But life as we know it would be wholly different without the contributions of the trucking industry.

When 9/11 hit rocked the country, everything stood still -- except trucking.  Many of us hunkered down with our families, wondering what would happen next, but drivers were still out there on the highways getting the job done so that the rest of us could have that luxury.

Sharing what makes this industry great with the next generation

To recruit the next generation of drivers, we need to show that we truly value the role that they play.  This video says it all:

Tell me that didn’t tug at your heartstrings a little.

The question is -- how do we communicate this sentiment to the next generation of drivers? How do we show them the role they can play doing something that matters and elevate their perception of the entire industry?

One company can't solve this problem alone. Trucking companies aren't just competing against each other for drivers -- we’re competing with every other job opportunity that is available. 

Appealing to future truck drivers and industry leaders

Let's get a conversation going about this.  What are your ideas for attracting new talent to the industry? How do you show your drivers you appreciate them? What do you love about trucking?

Let us know in the comments!


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