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Prevent Falls in Construction by Joining in for Safety Stand-Down 2016

tumblr_nlfosdHuon1sfie3io1_1280.jpgDid you know that fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be the leading cause of death for construction workers? In 2014, over 337 of the 874 construction deaths were attributed to falls, all of which were preventable. Employers, I invite you to join in Safety Stand-Down by discussing with your employees how proper safety standards can help eliminate preventable work injuries and fatalities. 

What is Safety Stand-Down?

This voluntary event, known as Safety Stand-Down, encourages employers to start the safety conversation with their employees. This year, the focus is on fall hazards and honing in on the importance of fall prevention. Safety Stand-Down runs from May 2-6, 2016.

Who should participate?

Anyone who would like to make safety a bigger topic in their workplace can participate. Previously, participants included:
  • Commercial construction companies
  • Residential construction contractors
  • Sub- and independent contractors
  • Highway construction companies
  • General industry employers
  • U.S Military and other government participants
  • Unions
  • Employer's trade associations
  • Worker interest organizations
  • Safety equipment manufacturers 

How can you conduct a Safety Stand-Down?

1. Start early. Appoint a coordinator in advance to organize the event. If you have numerous work sites, pick a team that will lead the event at each site.

2. Ask outside participants. Reach out to subcontractors, owner, architects, engineers, or others involved in your project to participate. 

3. Review your fall prevention program. Identify what types of falls could happen such as falls from ladders, stairs, a roof, etc. After reviewing, identify what needs improvement, what training you have provided and what training you need to provide. Lastly, what equipment do you currently provide your employees? Could you update this equipment?

4. Tailor presentations and activities to help spread the word. Decide what information will be best for your workplace and workers.Your presentations should provide information to employees about hazards, protective methods, and your company's safety policies, goals and expectations. 

5. Pick a date and time. Will your event take place over a break, lunch period, or another time?

6. Get the word out. Make this event interesting to workers and find a way to rally excitement around it. Oftentimes, serving snacks or hosting a company lunch increases participation. 

7. Hold your stand-down. Make your event positive and interactive by letting workings discuss their experiences and also by encouraging workers to make suggestions. 

8. Follow up. If you heard suggestions that could better your policies, make sure to implement these ideas. 

Certificate of Participation

Employers will have the option to issue feedback regarding their Safety Stand-Down and download a Certificate of Participation signed by the Secretary of Labor, Thomas E. Perez, follow the event. \


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