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New FMCSA Investigative Techniques

012616-eld-truck-agm.jpgThe FMCSA recently announced that they are changing their process for performing compliance reviews. Specifically they referred to expanded interviews with members within the organization. Truth is - they have been doing this for a while, but recently completed all of the training and therefore made the announcement. Does this mean that compliance reviews have changed? 

Yes and No. FMCSA had already trended from full reviews to focused reviews.  However, there are some things that we are seeing with regards to compliance reviews. From our perspective here are five items that we are seeing:

  1. Many reviews are occurring due to complaints vs CSA scores.
  2. Hours of service, in particular false logs, is still the most common violation.
  3. The DVIR process has now popped up as an easy target with the new DVIR process in place.
  4. Changes to the medical card verification process causing compliance concerns.
  5. Drivers operating with suspended or invalid CDLs.

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Topics: Transportation Safety / Compliance