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Bring Safety to the Forefront During National Safety Month

NSM-Logo-2016.pngObserved annually, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on roads, and in our homes and communities. By bringing light to important issues that often get pushed aside or overlooked, employers are encouraged to join in the celebration by sharing important information with employees and discussing the importance of workplace safety. This year's theme is Safety: It takes all of us. Here are tips to placing safety in the hands of your employees and making your workplace a safer enviroment for your employees. 

The National Safety Council declared June National Safety Month to prevent workplace injuries and ultimately create safer working environments for employees. To get the conversation started, the NSC has shared downloadable resources that highlight a different safety topic each week. 

The National Safety Council themes for each week of June:

  • Week 1: Stand ready to respond
  • Week 2: Be healthy
  • Week 3: Watch out for dangers
  • Week 4: Share roads safely

Tips for Communicating Safety to Your Employees

Safety is a huge factor in many industries we work in - construction, manufacturing, transportation, and many others. Your employees know they need to work safely in these fields, but do they know the why?

  • Place the importance of safety into the hands of your workers. They can be the difference between a hazardous or safe workplace.
  • Make sure management sets a clear example of what safety means in your organization. Management sets the tone of your workplace and is who employees look to for how they should be conducting work. 
  • Reward safe behavior and set clear consequences for unsafe acts. 
  • Create a Safety Team who champions safety around your workplace.
  • Develop a metrics system and deliver feedback based on markers.

Acting safe leads to being safe, so join in for National Safety Month and get the conversation started. 

Brace Yourself: Fall Protection and Safety Strategies  to Prevent Workplace Injuries June 28th, 2016


Topics: Safety / Compliance