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#JustDrive and Join Today’s "Tweet Up" Against Distracted Driving

Relationship Manager at HNI

In 2013, distracted driving took the lives of 3,154 people. That’s 3,154 mothers and fathers, children, and employees that no longer get out of bed every morning – because someone else’s text, fast food, or mascara just couldn’t wait. 

This video shows this reality in a way that makes your skin crawl:

We’re all guilty of letting distractions get in the way of our driving.  But that needs to change.

One of the primary industries we serve is transportation, and we believe trucking companies have a vital role to play in turning around this growing trend. Professional drivers need to hold themselves (and be held) to a higher standard when it comes to preventing distracted driving accidents.

This video shows a member of the motoring public, not a professional driver – but that’s what our drivers and owner operators are navigating around every day.

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Today, the National Highway Safety Administration is hold a “tweet up” to share facts on distracted driving. You can find these by searching on Twitter for the hashtag: #justdrive. 

If you set up a Twitter account and have yet to post a tweet –- this is a great reason to take the plunge!  We’ll be joining in and sharing tips that you can pass on to friends, family, or your drivers on how to stay safe on the road.


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