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You've got to check this video out.  

Why is it funny? Because it is absurdly true.

Have you ever seen this scene play out in real life? Think of an example in your organization.  No one is immune – unless you’re a one (wo)man show, you’ve probably seen something like this take place in the office.

Many organizations are filled with people who stand there screaming that their escalator is broken. Rather than seek a solution, they vent to anyone in earshot about everything that's wrong or how management has failed them.

Our challenge as leaders is to create a culture where everyone feels responsibility for finding a solution – or at the very least, feel silly complaining with exploring the options at their fingertips.

Bonus points for the organizations who manage to get people walking while riding the escalator.  The magic happens when we're not just coasting by, but when we're all invested in looking for ways to accelerate and get on the fast track.

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