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A Second Set of Eyes on Your MOD

HNI Post Loss Specialist

In my role as Post Loss Specialist, I work daily to help clients manage their workersexperience mod compensation claims and protect their experience modification rating (MOD). With recent changes in the split-rate formula for rating calculations, businesses need to be even more diligent in managing reserves and claim outcomes.

To help our customers do that, we start by reviewing the action plans and reserves of client’s workers compensation claims before that information is gathered by the compensation rating bureaus to publish their MOD.  This helps us project what their MOD will be and identify opportunities to manage claims in a way that is favorable to a client’s rating.

Once the MOD is released by the NCCI or state rate bureau, we take a second look. This time we are looking for errors in payroll or claims data that may inflate the MOD calculation. There are also state-specific rules that allow us to ask for corrections resulting in MOD reductions. A lower MOD means lower premium, and we make sure to pass that savings on to our clients. 

A second set of eyes on your MOD can really make a difference! 

Over the past three years, we’ve found errors in the MODs of an average of 19 clients annually, with the average mistake costing an additional $9,496 in premium.  Here are some of the results we’ve seen over the past couple of years:





2013 YTD

# Clients with Errors We Resolved     





Total Premium Savings     




$48,100 (and counting!)     


We do MOD reviews with all of our workers compensation clients, as it’s an important part of controlling costs that we’ve seen pay off.  With the recent changes in the rating formula, we can project the impact on your MOD by looking at your current rating to see how the split point change might impact it. To do this, we need your current mod worksheet or 3 years of prior loss runs and 3 years of prior audited workers compensation payroll (not including current term).

If you’re an HNI client, rest safe knowing that we’re constantly reviewing your MOD to get you the best price on your workers compensation premium.  Not an HNI client?  Click here to request a MOD review or projection with the new changes.



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