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The Safety G A P: Is Anything Falling Through the Cracks?

HNI Wisconsin President

We all know safety is important, but mounting regulations make it increasingly difficult to run a safe and compliant business. With this constant change, it’s getting harder andsafety gap harder to keep up.

Safety efforts are getting more time consuming, more complicated — and mistakes are becoming more expensive, both in terms of dollars and impact to your company’s reputationAs regulatory burdens continue to grow, so will your risk as an organization.

At the same time, the amount of financial resources that companies can commit to safety and compliance is shrinking. While these areas are essential to any operation, spending more dollars here isn't how you're going to grow your business.

Many organizations are facing a growing void that we call the Safety Gap, which is a function of these two opposing trends: 1.) increased risk with growing regulations and 2.) decreased resources companies can commit to their safety efforts.

So how have you dealt with your Gap? Added head count and gritted your teeth at the cost?  Just accepted the growing risk and hoped for the best?

HNI has a tool to help organizations mind the Safety Gap: Safety On Call. Subscribers can call, text, or email safety questions 24 hours a day to get the help they need, when they need it.

Here's how it works: 

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Safety On Call could be your secret weapon for the following projects (and more!):

  • Employee safety orientations
  • Presentations and training on lockout/tagout
  • OSHA or FMCSA compliance and inspections

If you're looking to improve your safety and compliance efforts, but need some help to get it done (and don't want to hire a pricey consultant), Safety On Call could be a good fit. It's like having a full-time team of safety pros on staff but only paying for them when they need to spring into action!

To help highlight safety risks that your company may need to work on, we built an online assessment quiz: Test Your Safety. Even better, everyone who takes the assessment is eligible for a complimentary subscription to Safety On Call! Click the button below to get cracking!

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