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Top Employee Engagement Communication Tips

High levels of employee engagement can translate into high levels of business performance. With better employee engagement comes increased profitability, productivity, employee retention, safety and customer metrics for your business. Hence the reason why effective employee engagement communication is so crucial for all businesses.

Communication is one of the main factors determining successful employee engagement. Below are some of the top ways to optimize your communication practices and make your employees feel more invested and appreciated within the company. This increased level of engagement brings with it benefits for the whole company in profit and productivity. 

Small Groups

With employee engagement smaller face to face executive communication, such as brown bag lunches and skip level meetings, offer a more personalized and engaging format for leadership communication. Multiple time slots and venues can also help maximize the chances that employees can attend executive briefing sessions.

Increase Awareness

Make sure employees understand how the unit they work in contributes to the overall success of the organization. Expand their awareness beyond their own performance and extend it out into their team for effective employee engagement.

Best Practice Awareness

Include articles in your staff magazine or newsletter that show how employees are modeling organizational values or supporting wider company initiatives. employee engagement

Interactive Helpdesk

Employee engagement is all about making sure your employees are satisfied. Set interactive online helpdesks to let staff ask questions about any aspect of the business and their role within it.

Utilize Staff Feedback

Articles in staff magazines, updates on scrolling news feeds and even interactive corporate screensavers can be a great way to demonstrate to staff how their feedback is being used.

Genuine Interest

Show that the company is genuinely concerned about employees' opinions and use social media as a communications tool to build employee engagement.

Manager Communication

Measure how well managers are communicating and help them see the importance of effective and clear communication in order to increase employee engagement.

Measuring Impact

It is crucial to measure understanding and impact on behaviors. So measure employee understanding and the impact of employee engagement communications on behaviors.

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