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Social Media is not just for marketing departments

Bucket Brigade

E-mail and meetings are the “vintage”  tools of communicating, but they frequently create barriers to productivity because they add confusion and are a drain on time.  Think about the last time you mined a long thread of emails, trying to determine action items, who is doing what, timelines, etc. Now think about a recent meeting you attended. It probably became mired in a round of tedious status updates. These tools--E-mail and meetings--are the byproducts of what is becoming an obsolete way of working.

You have an opportunity to CHANGE THE GAME by deliberately picking the communication channels that enhance, rather than encumber communication. Imagine your workplace with fewer meetings, less or no internal e-mail and yet, people are better informed than ever. 

Including huge reductions in technology costs, the results are better morale, higher productivity and, ultimately, more satisfied customers.

Consider what it means to have instant visibility to all internal communication channels. The information you need. Exactly when you need it. How could this impact the way you work? What could you do with the time you currently spend translating ambiguity into action?

These questions led HNI to Bucket Brigade Inc. which partners with companies to CHANGE THE GAME by redefining the rules of effective communication.  HNI decided to embrace the change and encourages its customers to be a part of that experience.

On October 12, Bucket Brigade will deliver a presentation that will challenge how you work together. It will show you how to CHANGE THE GAME inside your company, then change it outside your company. If your organization can benefit from fewer e-mails and meetings, with increased communication, we hope to see you there.

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