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Anthony Fioretti

Recent Posts by Anthony Fioretti:

What's in the Perfect Employee Health Benefits Plan?

HNI Chief Benefits Officer

We recently performed a thought-provoking exercise at HNI. Our benefits team took a shot at designing the ideal health care plan, pretending they were an employer who wanted maximum cost efficiency, while keeping employees happy with their benefits. If they were starting today, from a clean slate, what would their health plan look like?

Topics: Transportation Construction HR / Employee Benefits Manufacturing

Benefits Benchmarking in Transportation: How Does Your Plan Stack Up?

HNI Chief Benefits Officer

In all industries, successful companies review initiatives to learn what's working and what's not. From there, they can make adjustments and roll on. Players in the transportation industry naturally conduct these reviews, too. It's likely most motor carriers are scanning their markets for threats and opportunities — but how many have benchmarked their benefits to see where they stand?

Topics: Transportation HR / Employee Benefits