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Why You Need Workers' Compensation

With insurance premiums at an all time high, many businesses see workers' compensation coverage as just another added cost.  Without appropriate levels of coverage, however, your company may be putting itself at risk for hefty lawsuts from injured workers. 

Workers' Compensation Helps Keep Your Costs Down

Many companies struggle to manage the costs associated with workers' compensation.  Premiums may be high to start with, and can increase with a stroke of bad luck. With a series of accidents, costs skyrocket.

The best thing to do to controll workers' compensation costs is to prevent injuries from occuring in the first place.  This can be done by fostering an enviroment of safety through education and training.  Developing these kinds of programs is our specialty.

Even if you have experienced several accidents in your organization, you can help lower your costs by implementing a robust safety program. 

Workers' Compensation: Comp Clarity

Our approach to dealing with the rising costs of workers' compensation is Comp Clarity, a strategy integrated with
your company's unique dynamics and specific needs.

The program consists of 10 proven methods to control workers' compensation costs including:

  • Building a safety culture from the top-down
  • Educating your employees on the factors that influence the company's Experience Modification Factor
  • Developing a system to manage and document claims