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jim_square.jpgDaly Agency was founded on April 1st 1976 but Jim’s Dad, Terry,  was no fool at seeing his customer’s “dominant buying motive.”   He simply learned it was in listening that made the deal and established the relationship.  In 1981, Jim joined Terry in growing the agency after 5 years and three states in the fast-moving Excess and Surplus Lines business of the late 70s.  He bought his father out through the 1990s and son Chris joined the agency in 2005.  The Dalys and their focused team have proven the value of long term focus, as they joined HNI in 2013 with many 30-year+ customers.

Trucks and people who keep them moving are what get Jim to work every day.  He believes trucking is among the most noble of America’s industries and it is also becoming among the more technologically integrated.   Quality and safety are givens for any self-respecting motor carrier but culture, knowledge and communication are what risk management is now.  Listening for the dominant buying motive, discovering the wicked problem and learning new ways to change the game is Jim’s motivation to retain and grow customer relations.

And when he’s not doing that, Jim would rather be at ‘da lake with his amazing wife Jane and his wonderful sons, their beautiful wives and marvelous grandkids.