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The Myth of Motivation


I love this quote: “Motivation is a lot like showering. It’s useful, but it doesn’t last, so you need to repeat it often.”  

Zig Ziglar couldn't have been more on the money with that onemotivation_showercondensation.

We work with a lot of our clients in projects related to brand, leadership and culture. What we do isn’t rocket science – but it is rooted deeply in our industry knowledge and experience engaging with hundreds of clients at this level.

The funny thing is, that often companies know EXACTLY what they need to do. They don’t need an advisor to come in and instruct them. Their leaders have vision and savvy, and they have a pretty good idea of what needs to be executed to take their organizations to the next level.  It’s just a question of putting knowledge into application.

Sometimes we wait for the perfect moment, the spark of creativity, or drive to make something happen.

Unfortunately, it’s not always like that.  Even with work that you love, sometimes it’s about putting in the time grinding away.

Motivation is not a feeling, it's a habit. Of showing up. Of putting in the time. Of doing what you need to do without "feeling like it."

How motivated you are has little to no correlation with the opportunities or obligations that you face.  So when's the right time to make your move? 


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