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HNI Announces 7 New Principals

Last week HNI announced the addition of seven new principals – increasing the total number of owners to 22. Although these folks have been long-time employees of HNI, tenure wasn’t what earned them an invitation into the ownership circle.

At HNI, there is one criteria that weighs heaviest in consideration for becoming a principal: a proven track record of helping our clients de-risk their businesses.

As relationship managers, Jim Dudek and Steve Mueller do this by reducing their clients’ insurance dependency and boosting performance.  As account executives, Megan Young, Brian Kaminski and Carol Prazma are accountable for delivering results through carefully crafted deliverables.  And as a senior risk advisor and a senior claims advisor, Don Jerrell and Carol Caruso bring their industry expertise to proactively work with business builders to grow their businesses.

“This is the highest recognition we can offer someone at HNI – and it is purely a performance-based nomination.
These individuals live our mission on a daily basis: to help our clients break-free from insurance dependency. We are thrilled to formally recognize their achievements.”  - Mike Natalizio, CEO.


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