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From the Intern's Desk: A Summer Spent With HNI

katelynnlorenzi.jpgI'll fill you in on a little secret - this is actually my second summer spent with HNI, so I know the ins and outs of all things HNI related (one might even say I'm an expert!) So, when asked to share my thoughts following another fantastic summer spent here, I jumped at the opportunity. Buckle up because I'm going to take you on a ride through what it's like to be an Accounting Intern for HNI Risk Services - please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle.

Why HNI?

I chose HNI because of the company’s esteemed reputation, convenient location of the company, and also because I was looking for an opportunity to work in private accounting. I wanted to be part of an accounting department that consisted of more than just one or two individuals, so I could have a chance to learn as much as I could from others already in the field. All off which is exactly what I found with HNI. The bonus for me was working in a department filled with number gurus - I'm fairly certain they could crack the Da Vinci Code if asked. 

The Culture 

The culture at HNI is professional, but also easy-going. Not once did I feel as if I couldn't ask questions or even share my thoughts on whatever project I was working on. Something I really enjoyed was the ability to work independently, but also with my dynamic team. I feel as if this truly developed my ability to capitalize on the duties I was given, but also test my skills in other areas that my team needed assistance with. 

What was the most important thing you learned?

I learned what every intern sets out to experience during their internship - what the real world will be like in their given field. I have been able to develop accounting skills first-hand and not only apply skills I have learned in the classroom, but also learn other things that cannot be taught in a classroom. I cannot stress enough the importance of this within the field of accounting. There is only so much you can gain from a classroom setting, but being thrown into the midst of numbers, calculations, and real world dilemmas, I feel well equipped for what my career has in store for me. I am armed and ready to take on the real world with the confidence HNI has instilled in me.

Last Stop: Tips for Fellow Interns

I cannot stress enough how valuable an internship is for any young professional - take advantage of this learning opportunity and fully immerse yourself. Ask questions, put your best foot forward every day, and look to others in your department for advice on how to take your career to the next step.  Push yourself with taking on new tasks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Now is your opportunity to figure out what you like in your given field before truly committing. But most importantly - enjoy your time, it goes much too fast!


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