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Driver Recruiting and Wellness: Melton Goes All In with New Headquarters

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Melton_lighted_signFrom an onsite restaurant that sources local ingredients to a state-of-the-art fitness facility, Melton Truck Lines' new headquarters shows the company is in the fast lane to growth  and HNI is proud to be partners with this future-focused organization.

The new facility promotes employee health and engagement, wicked problems facing many players in the trucking industry. The building's remarkable features (keep reading to discover cool perks!) help drivers improve their well-being — physical, emotional, professional, and more.

Congrats to Melton for designing a headquarters that really works for truck drivers. From where we stand, Melton is pulling ahead in driver recruiting and retention.

Here's a deeper look at what they've done  and why:

Melton's New HQ At a Glance

Exterior_Melton-137758-editedThe new headquarters, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had its grand opening at the end of April. The firm broke ground on the facility in April 2013. The Melton headquarters opening was covered by the Tulsa World.

The HQ has some show-stopping features. There's an in-building restaurant called Fuel that offers healthy and fresh food options. The dining facility has its own website, where Melton employees can view the weekly menu and check out nutrition facts.

Melton's employee workout facility grew from 400 square feet to 3,500 square feet. The gym offers classes, locker rooms, and a private exercise space for female employees.

Fitness_room_MeltonThe new facility is 77,000 square feet, a big jump from the 23,000 square feet original HQ. The new building is part of Melton's 10-year plan to grow to 2,000 drivers (from 1,100 today). One hundred and fifty support staff are housed at the new HQ.

Leaders at Melton want to maintain a small company feel as the firm grows. To create a sense of openness, many walls are glass, and the building's floors spread out from a central atrium. The HQ also features video screens that display colleagues' milestones and work anniversaries.

Everywhere you turn, the facility reinforces Melton's dedication to employee wellness and engagement. The headquarters makes making healthy choices easy, and the programming and building are tailor-made for Melton's unique workforce.

Talent Magnet: How the New HQ Sets an Example in Trucking

Melton's big idea behind the new headquarters is that healthy employees are more productive and happier, qualities that strengthen an entire organization. A byproduct of improved wellness is that employees and Melton both spend less on health care because healthy employees need less medical intervention.

Exterior_with_flags_MeltonDriver wellness is a wicked problem for the trucking industry. Stats show that drivers tend to be less healthy and suffer from more chronic health conditions than other types of employees. Driving a truck is a lifestyle that's challenging for your body, mind, and driving keeps you away from home and your support system of friends and family.

Melton's new headquarters aims to be a "home away from home" for drivers. It's a place where they can enjoy downtime and take care of everyday tasks, such as laundry and doctor visits  yep, there's a laundromat and clinic on site. They even can shop for Melton-branded gear at the company store. Admittedly, the headquarters isn't as great as sleeping in your own bed, but the facility is a respite from an often stressful job.

The new headquarters, however, does more than provide drivers with a choice pit stop. It sends a message to everyone in the trucking industry about Melton's commitment to its employees. It shows Melton is engaged with employees and understands the challenges its people face on the road.

Melton's new facility is strategically building the company's employer brand. Existing and would-be employees can look at HQ and think, "Wow, Melton really wants its talent to be happy and healthy." Melton wants to recruit and retain the best talent in trucking, and the new headquarters is delighting existing employees  and turning heads of people who don't (yet!) drive for the firm.

How does your company show its commitment to employees? Please share your "talent magnet" tips in comments!

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