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14 Days of Distraction-Free Driving

April is national distracted driving awareness month. And while the statistics on this problem are epidemic in magnitude (3,477 fatalities in 2015), the devastating impact of these accidents can only be felt one story at a time. 

Whether or not you text, call, or Snap while driving is not a 1-10 rating scale. It is binary. Either you've done it or you haven't. Either you will continue to do it or you won't.

Accidents caused by distracted driving are not punishments given to those that do it more frequently than everyone else. No, they are a lottery that you enter each time you reach for your phone. 

There are 2 weeks left in April. Let's all resolve to make an absolute, non-negotiable decision: for 14 days our phones remain face down, out of reach, and silent. 

To a safer future.