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Dear Gamechangers-In-Training: Thanks for Attending Bring Your Child to Work Day

Hi kids.

Did you know you have a lot in common with a sponge? No, we're not trying to say that you lack nervous, circulatory, or digestive systems. (Although, we often wonder just where you put all that food?!)

Instead, it is more of a metaphoric comparison. You are like sponges because you have this knack at absorbing and mimicking what you see. And we as parents, mentors, and kids at heart, know you are exposed to an unlimited amount of experiences that can have lasting effects on you.

We hope we do a good job in contributing towards those positive experiences, ones that you can take away something significant to help you in your journey to becoming an adult.

What You Did Throughout the Daysign

We invited you to our first annual Bring Your Child to Work Day with the intent to give you the opportunity to absorb skills in confidence, communication, creativity, work ethic and leadership.

I bet it was a whirlwind of a day with a lot of adults talking to you, asking you questions, and your parents making you shake hands with countless people as you were being introduced (a word of advice: never underestimate the power of a firm handshake).

You not only got to learn and see for yourself just what the heck mom or dad does all day during the week, but there were some pretty cool hands-on moments, too, right?

There were science experiments, smoothie workshops, 18-wheeler explorations, "blue" carpet interviews and photos, and an ice-cream social to top off the day!

Because really, what's a day out of school without some sprinkles and chocolate sauce?

What WE Learned from You 

Having you attend our Bring Your Child to Work Day event was admittedly not a totally selfless act on our parts, though. We took advantage of the opportunity to have you in the office. You teach us too, you see.

Thanks to your innocent honesty, we are reminded the importance of being truthful and transparent Gamechangers and strive to lead by example.

Maybe you've heard a teacher, relative or even the president say before, "Children are the future."

While you might not give it much thought, or at least not in a way that doesn't make you roll your eyes or wonder what that even means, it's a statement that holds truth.  One day you will be adults like us (hold back the groans of misery at that thought -- we are still cool and fun) and will make a name for yourselves as a generation and as individuals.

Every parent dreams their children will be successful. All those piano lessons, Cub Scout meetings, soccer practices, spelling bees, trips to the museum, library memberships, Bring Your Child to Work Days and the countless other activities that you may or may not be crazy about?

Those are our ways of getting you, our little sponges, exposed to activities in hopes that something sticks with you in adulthood.

Until Next Time

One day, years from now, your parents will send you out into the world, with baited breath, to live your lives as successful adults.

Until then, I encourage you to stay curious, ask questions, strive to learn more than you knew the day before, and know you can always reach out to your parents or any one of us at HNI for advice or even just as a sounding board for your career path interests.

Thank you for attending HNI's first Bring Your Child to Work Day! Hope to see you next year!


Julie Lillegren

Communication Specialist & Kid at Heart

PS - We interviewed some of the kids to find out what they think their parents do all day at HNI.... check out their responses in the video below!  

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