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4 Winning Employee Rewards Programs for Truck Drivers

employee rewards programs

Finding rewards for an employee who works in a moving office is tricky. Truck drivers do not sit in a cubicle down the hall from their managers, easily in reach. Because these employees are not physically around all the time, it's harder to reward them for outstanding performance.

Sure, you spend tons of time tracking their performance and coming up with ways to coach them to excellence. But how much time have you spent developing employee rewards programs that really work for drivers?

If you show drivers that you understand their unique and challenging lifestyle by delivering thoughtful appreciation, you're sure to build your employer brand and earn more loyalty from your hard-working fleet.

Here are four winning ideas for employee rewards programs that will turn drivers' heads:

1.) Driver Bonuses

These are best handed out for outstanding safety performance. Show your drivers how important safety is to your culture with your wallet. They'll rise to the challenge and your organization will benefit from their increase diligence. 

2.) Safe Driver Catalog

After of year of clean driving, let your drivers choose their own rewards. Create a small catalog of company-branded jackets and hats, support pillows, high-end watches, and even a great engraved plaque to put their great performance in stone! Be creative; ask your drivers for their input.

3.) Awards for Spouses of Truck Drivers

The truck-driving life places a lot of demands on the non-truck-driving spouse. It makes sense, then, to acknowledge their sacrifices in employee rewards programs. Wives and husbands lead the support system that keeps your drivers going. When you reward them, your drivers will be more motivated to do well. Make these rewards substantial. Ideas include a nice timepiece, the latest high-tech gadget, or a diamond bracelet for the ladies.

4.) Adopt-A-Driver Program

Yes, these programs do exist. They entail elementary school classes adopting a driver, who then sends them postcards about his adventures in truck driving that teach lessons about geography. The driver educates the students about his job and the transportation industry, and he is required to visit the class at least once during the school year. This is great exposure for your drivers in the community, and they earn the admiration of classroom of kids! This also helps your organization recruit the next generation of truck drivers.

Showing appreciation for a job well done doesn't have to be complicated. Thoughtful employee rewards programs will go a long way toward motivating your drivers.

What's the coolest driver rewards program you've ever heard of? Please sound off in comments!

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