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And the Winner is... [Truck Driver Appreciation Week Social Media Contest Winner]

HNI Marketing Coordinator

Picking our favorite entry for the #HNILovesDrivers social media contest wasn't easy. But it was the sort of challenge that makes us enjoy our jobs even more.

We remembered all the great stuff we love about the trucking industry, and we got to talking to each other about it. Spreading good cheer like this is an important workplace activity! Sharing the love is good for your health, the health of your company, the health of your industry, the health of your customers and vendors... the list rolls on and on.

Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week is a chance for the transportation industry to ride a wave of positive energy. Yes, this is starting to sound a little new-agey, but hear us out.

People who love their work put more energy back into it. They look for ways to make a difference, and they become passionate problem solvers. They are more pleasant to co-workers and clients.

Now imagine the productive power of a whole industry shouting, "I love my job!" at the same time for a whole week! That's Truck Driver Appreciation Week in a nutshell.

Following are the top three #HNILovesDrivers social media contest entries, in no particular order:

"Everything is delivered on a truck except a baby"

Courtney Hindo of ProDrivers Chicago cut to the heart of why transportation matters so much to our everyday lives.

"Papa Randy"

Another theme that came up in entries was family. Here's a great photo from Smedema Trucking. We love the #ifitwereeasyeveryonewoulddoit hashtag.

"What's not to love?"

Connie Lloyd-Kurth told us trucking was in her blood. Trucking gives her a sense of pride, and she loves the freedom of the open road.

And our runaway winner, as decided by Team HNI, was... Connie Lloyd-Kurth! Connie is the winner of an iPad Mini! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing why you love trucking with the world.

And thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you had as much fun checking out entries as we did! There's a lot to love about trucking!

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