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A Week of Celebration for Truck Drivers [National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week 2014]

HNI Marketing Coordinator 

What a week! Sept. 14-20 was National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week, and if you read our blog and are an HNI fan on social media, you know we were celebrating in full force!

Trucking's been good to HNI. We've been growing like crazy the past few years, in no small part because of our work as insurance, benefits, and business strategy advisors to many, many transportation outfits. We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve such an important sector of the nation's economy.

Every year, U.S. trucks ship goods worth $671 billion. About 9 million people have trucking-related jobs, and about 3.5 million of those folks are drivers. Trucking is a big deal, and one week to salute the men and women behind the wheel doesn't seem like enough.

That's why we launched our #HNILovesTruckDrivers social media contest. We invited lots of voices to shout why they love trucking. We took those awesome, truck-loving answers and put them in a video, along with snapshots from our annual custom banner campaign — a literal sign of thanks to truck drivers. Check it out!

HNI's employees are voting for their favorite social media contest entry, and we'll announce the winner of the iPad Mini next week on the blog. Stay tuned.

How did you celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week? Please share in comments!

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